Ali Scontrino

Construction Project Manager

A Santa Cruz native through-and-through, Ali found her passion in the construction business over twenty years ago and has been enjoying working in the field locally ever since. Her vast expertise, collaborative spirit, and desire to get the job done the right way and on time drive her work at Workbench.

An animal lover with a heart of gold, Ali is part of a local non-profit pitbull rescue and advocacy group, SCM Pits. Her four-year old dog, Drama, can be found sleeping under her desk on quiet days in the office. She is also the president of the Santa Cruz Mountain Bookclub, of which she’s been a member for eleven years.

On choosing a career in Construction:

I started as an Office Manager for a construction company and found plan reading fascinating. I started taking construction plan reading classes while I was working as a multi-hat wearing office manager/Superintendent/scheduler. I became so fascinated with the construction management process that I completed my construction management degree and got in to a big construction company; I have never looked back.

Why I love Santa Cruz:

Born and raised in Santa Cruz County, I love the trees to seas feel. There’s nothing like Santa Cruz!!

Outside of Workbench:

Hanging with my bookclub friends discussing books, doing home repairs, enjoying cocktails and good food, playing with my dog and obstacle racing. I am an outdoor enthusiast and thrive running, hiking or playing with my dogs in the forest as well as enjoying the beach life. I cycle for causes like MS and fighting cancer and will ride 60-100 mile bike rides for fun and for the cause. I enjoy challenging myself with physical activity so along with riding long distances on my bike I also love to obstacle race in Spartans and other mud races. I once qualified for the World championship Obstacle race for getting  a top time in my age group. I have achieved two trifecta medals through Spartan races.

Education and Certifications

Degree in Construction and Energy Management

Certified LEED AP; Certificates in Plumbing and Electrical Codes

Certified Personal Trainer