Great builds start with great design.

Founded by an architect, we believe well-designed spaces have innate power and unique responsibility.

The power and responsibility to build personal interactions, enhance the individual experience, celebrate nature, and bring together communities.

Collaborative and innovative, our in-house architecture team is committed to designing buildings that add beauty, value, and opportunity to our neighborhoods and their inhabitants.

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Land Use Analysis

Have a dream to build, but unsure where to start? Experienced in local building codes and project costs, Workbench will analyze your land and plan exactly how to get the most value out of your property.


Architectural Design

Modern shapes, natural materials, and open spaces inspire our style. Our in-house architects work hand-in-hand with our construction team, designing buildings in a beautiful, efficient, and holistic manner.


ADU Feasibility + Design

We’re the local experts in ADUs. Accessory Dwelling Units are a great way to keep family close or provide rental income. Conversions to new builds: Workbench will determine if an ADU makes financial sense for you.


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