A concept to completion building studio

Workbench Services

Years of hard work, experience, and a true passion for what we do, allows us to offer a full suite of building services for any need. We provide stunning designs by our licensed architects, development management to keep the project ahead of schedule and below cost, and fast paced, quality builds to get your project working for you as quickly as possible. Learn more about each step below.

Architecture, Planning, Permits, Land Use, Feasibility. Workbench can handle all of your design needs.


Founded on the shoulders of an Architect, beautiful design that is accessible to all is at the core of Workbench.

Land use, project management, financial planning and assistance, subdivisions, site design, infrastructure, land mapping. Workbench can handle all of your project development needs.


Driving a project from start to finish is a process with many challenging and moving parts. It is a process that we have mastered.

Single family homes, multi family homes, commercial, mixed use. Workbench can handle all the details of a building project. Project management, working with contractors and sub-contractors, making sure projects stay on schedule and on budget.


We are builders at heart. We love to see a bare piece of land give way to a new building. A living, active place for community to happen.

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