Every town needs a good mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.  Our passion is integrating all of these into a cohesive community.  We plan and build smart, allowing us to keep costs down while maximizing investment dollars.  Our streamlined system leads to faster and more cost-effective construction, resulting in buildings that are affordable by design.  We build quickly and efficiently, we build quality work with responsible materials.  We offer a full range of construction services:

The Workbench team are experts in construction management. From small ADU's through huge multi-building complexes, Workbench keeps your project running smooth.


As with every aspect of a project, proper construction management ensures that a building project is run smoothly and efficiently. Through our years of construction management experience we have streamlined the construction process. With our foreman and general contracting experience, we make sure work gets done. On time, and done right.

Workbench helps homeowners by taking care of everything that you don't want to. We make the home building process smooth and hassle-free. Let us handle the details.

Single Family Homes

The quintessential American dream is to own your own home. We don't like to stop there. Rather than just plop down a cookie-cutter house that a person can exist in, we build beautiful homes that integrate into the neighborhood and activate the community. Whether building a home for yourself, or a spec home to sell, we can make the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Workbench got our start with multi-family living units. The Workbench concept-to-completion model can handle projects from duplexes all the way through huge complexes with hundreds of units.

Multi Family Homes

Multi-family units are where we got our start here at Workbench. The founders of Workbench have personally overseen the construction of multi-family projects as large as 450 units, with budgets upwards of $125M each. Whether you have a small townhome or a huge multi-building complex, Workbench can manage your project efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing profits.

Workbench commercial spaces not only provide a great place to work, shop, and hang out, they also enrich and activate communities. Call us to see what kind of project we can build for you!


Commercial spaces are the backbone of a good community. We believe that commercial, office, and retail spaces should not merely exist in a community, but that they should be shared spaces that enrich the lives of the people who live around them. We build commercial spaces that are efficient and cost effective, while integrating with the neighborhood and the surrounding landscape.

Space is limited. People are driving less, walking and biking more. Multi-use buildings combines much needed store fronts with much more needed housing. Integrating into the neighborhood, our projects activate communities.


The key to providing the density that a city like Santa Cruz needs, is mixed-use buildings. The city is trying to move away from traditional vehicle traffic and make bicycles and foot traffic more practical.  We build projects that integrate businesses with personal spaces, residential with commercial, where people can live, work, eat, shop, and commune with their neighbors.