Every great build starts with a great design.  We have a modern aesthetic rooted in projects and buildings that integrate with their surroundings.  We design projects that incorporate respect for the community, people's needs, the area's history and feel, and the interaction between our buildings, and the natural environment.  We strive to create active spaces that people use on a regular and ongoing basis.  Here are some of the design services that Workbench offers:

Workbench Land Use services help land owners to determine the best use for their projects

Land Use Analysis

Santa Cruz County has some of the best and most valuable land in the country.  Figuring out how to get the most value out of your property can be quite difficult.  With our experience in all types of building projects, we can look at the land from many different angles, analyzing current land value, potential future value, the types of buildings adjacent to the property, and future growth projections to help you determine the best way to improve your property.

Workbench Estimating services include more accurate pricing, since we are experts in concept to completion


The most important part of any project is making sure the finances balance out.  There is little that is as frustrating as starting a project, only to find out that finishing it is going to cost you significantly more than you thought.  Our experience with the entire building process allows us to incorporate the price of land development, building materials, construction labor costs, permits and fees, and every other aspect of a building project into the project pricing.  We work hard to ensure that there are no surprises, and all estimates are accurate and complete.

Workbench has an in-house architect, which cuts down on lag time, and allows us to make customer requested changes quickly and effectively.

Architectural Design

Having an in-house architect allows us to offer integrated architectural services that speed up the design process.  There's no lag waiting for an architect to file plans, we take care of all of that.  We utilize a modern architectural style that prioritizes open styling, and integration with the surrounding landscape.  We create active community spaces that people use on a regular and ongoing basis.

Workbench is partnering with Santa Cruz county home owners to develop Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's) to help the Santa Cruz housing crisis.

ADU Feasibility and Design

Accessory Dwelling Units can be a great way to keep family close, while maintaining personal space.  A great option for those who would benefit from some living assistance, where a family member can be close enough to help with daily living, yet remain in their own independent unit.  ADU's can also be a great investment, providing rental income without having to purchase extra property.  We can help you determine if an ADU is right for you, and if it makes financial sense.