Our business operations are based on collaboration and consensus, creating spaces that serve the interests of the community.  Having a construction general contractor and project management background allows us to be hands-on in every aspect of our projects.  We understand how all the pieces fit together, and we manage projects accordingly so there is no lag time.  This allows us to provide a friendly, easy-going, streamlined, and professional building experience for our clients, while providing significant return on investment.  Some of our incorporated development services include:

Dealing with permits and city planning departments can be a hassle if you don't have much experience. Workbench can handle all of it for you quickly and easily.

Planning and Permits Assistance

Dealing with city and county plans, permits and forms, and legal documents can often seem like a nightmare. Filling out the wrong form, missing a document, or just trying to figure out what forms you even need can be a long and tedious process.  If it's not done right the first time, it can cause delays, fines, and even stop a project completely.  We have extensive experience navigating this confusing area of development.  We know how to find the right documents, determine which forms are needed, and which ones aren't.  Let us deal with the planning commission, and we will ensure that your project is permitted as quickly as possible, and right the first time.  

Workbench knows the whole building process, and is great at making sure your project stays on budget and isn't creating costs you didn't account for.

Estimating/Ongoing Cost Analysis

Financial stability is key to a project moving through to a successful completion.  Ensuring a design estimate fits with real-world costs is paramount to a project being completed on budget.  We will use our first hand experience of actual costs to estimate the project build, to ensure it fits in with what was initially estimated.

Workbench handles developments large and small. We handle everything to ensure your build is developed completely and efficiently.

Development Management

Our Concept-to-Completion methodology allows us to go far above the typical project management.  We expertly handle standard project management tasks, ensuring projects are completed when they're supposed to be with no lag time, and making sure that when one task ends another begins, with as much overlap as is logistically feasible. Beyond that, we incorporate our first hand building experience, design work, cost analyses, and every other aspect of a project's development.  With our development management services, you can be sure your projects will be developed completely and efficiently, eliminating wasted time, thereby reducing costs.

Workbench partners with land owners to determine the best way to develop a project, obtain sufficient financing, and get your project off the ground.

Land Development Partnerships

We work with owners of properties large and small.  Sometimes a land owner will want to develop a piece of land into a residential or commercial space, but lack the immediate funds to initiate the building process.  We have developed creative ways to partner with land owners that allow us to construct beautiful projects that owners would not be able to build otherwise.  If you're not sure whether or not you can begin a project yet because of financing, we can offer many creative solutions to help you get the building you've always dreamed of.