Tim Gordin

Founding Partner and General Contractor

Tim founded Workbench following over a decade of experience in large-scale residential construction, where he worked on multi-family housing projects as large as 1800 units. As a licensed General Contractor, he prides himself on knowing the details and sticking to the schedule; as a natural entrepreneur, he brings an “anything is possible” attitude and long-term vision to the table.

A lifelong learner, Tim enjoys reading in his free time, finding business articles, history, and science books of particular interest. And as a hint at his lighthearted personality and other outside interests- when the Super Mario Brothers theme song rings through the Workbench studio, the source is definitely Tim’s cell phone.

Why I chose a career in Construction

I started my career in construction when I was young in Nebraska, finding a passion in building and eventually moving out to California in pursuit of new challenges and opportunities to learn. I love that every project can be considered as its own individual business and a chance to start something new. Seeing a project through the entire process and watching a beginning idea turn into a complete building will always excite me.

Why I love Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is so welcoming, and there are tons of wonderful events and opportunities to meet our neighbors and fellow community members. It has been exciting to jump feet first into life here with my family.

Outside of Workbench

My free time is devoted to my family. Beach days are a necessity. We often go on walks, swing in the big oak tree in the backyard, garden, go on hikes, play board games, and take trips to the park.

Travel also offers an important balance for me. There are many places I want to visit, but at this point in my life, I find myself pulled to the ocean on most trips- it’s much more peaceful!